Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy or sad, I'm not sure myself.

What am I feeling ?
Been awhile since I last blogged. Am super elated with my exam results. Surprisingly got a B, was expecting a C. Left one last paper's results to be out, but am sure I passed that paper cos it was easier compared to this paper. Though school has ended there has been so many thoughts as to what I should do now. I wanna go for zumba classes, the problem is, where ?  Basically its kind of expensive and I'm trying to save up here so its not worth it if I were to throw 100 plus just like that for one month when I can only attend 2 times a week.See, idk why is it so complicated. Shall go swimming every week, hopefully twice a week. Least its cheap and I feel the satisfaction of swimming all my stress off. Literally so bored at work now. Dying for sleep, getting 6 hrs of sleep a day is NOT enough for me. Am praying I can end early tday. Lately I've been wondering, people have been saying you're too nice. What does that rlly mean ? Is is a sin to be good or a misfortune that they're good ? OR, is a person supposed to be bad in order for a someone to accept them. I find this ridiculous. If you have a nice person to be with, would you rather for a bad person instead just cos that person is too good for you. What you should be doing is to treasure her / change to be a better person right ? Just pure bullshit. Long compo uh, lols.

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