Thursday, 20 March 2014


Created a blog and I don't intend to show or let anyone know. Though yes I know others maybe reading. I don't mind strangers reading it since they don't know me. I don't like keeping a diary, cos in my house there is simple no privacy, which rlly irritates me. I just dk who to talk to so I decided to open up blog. Dont rlly like tumblr for text posts like this. I've been feeling rlly down lately. Smth is bothering me but I have no idea what it is. Dad has been drinking and smoking every single day. I just give up. Now whenever I go back, I just shower, and stay in the room keeping myself occupied watching Korean dramas. Thank God for korean dramas. I love them so much, makes me feel like I'm in love when I watch them. Funny but its true. On another note, I feel so free at last after 10 months of suffering doing my Dip. Hopefully the last 2 exam results are ok though. :/ Wondering how its gonna be like when I take degree. I foresee myself having white hair. Lols. Sadly now am too broke to be going out and enjoying uh. Can't wait for pay day. 4 more days ! =) My main focus now it to loose weight but its easier said then done right. One rlly needs motivation to do so. I'm gonna do this not for anyone but myself and I'll take it one step at a time. Am gonna go swimming tmrw to do laps.

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