Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Effed up day

Day was just effed up. So annoying, you're not the only one who wants to go home early right ? Why, I don't have a family either ? Pls la have some thoughts. I'm just in a fuck everyone mood !

Monday, 24 March 2014

Happy or sad, I'm not sure myself.

What am I feeling ?
Been awhile since I last blogged. Am super elated with my exam results. Surprisingly got a B, was expecting a C. Left one last paper's results to be out, but am sure I passed that paper cos it was easier compared to this paper. Though school has ended there has been so many thoughts as to what I should do now. I wanna go for zumba classes, the problem is, where ?  Basically its kind of expensive and I'm trying to save up here so its not worth it if I were to throw 100 plus just like that for one month when I can only attend 2 times a week.See, idk why is it so complicated. Shall go swimming every week, hopefully twice a week. Least its cheap and I feel the satisfaction of swimming all my stress off. Literally so bored at work now. Dying for sleep, getting 6 hrs of sleep a day is NOT enough for me. Am praying I can end early tday. Lately I've been wondering, people have been saying you're too nice. What does that rlly mean ? Is is a sin to be good or a misfortune that they're good ? OR, is a person supposed to be bad in order for a someone to accept them. I find this ridiculous. If you have a nice person to be with, would you rather for a bad person instead just cos that person is too good for you. What you should be doing is to treasure her / change to be a better person right ? Just pure bullshit. Long compo uh, lols.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Created a blog and I don't intend to show or let anyone know. Though yes I know others maybe reading. I don't mind strangers reading it since they don't know me. I don't like keeping a diary, cos in my house there is simple no privacy, which rlly irritates me. I just dk who to talk to so I decided to open up blog. Dont rlly like tumblr for text posts like this. I've been feeling rlly down lately. Smth is bothering me but I have no idea what it is. Dad has been drinking and smoking every single day. I just give up. Now whenever I go back, I just shower, and stay in the room keeping myself occupied watching Korean dramas. Thank God for korean dramas. I love them so much, makes me feel like I'm in love when I watch them. Funny but its true. On another note, I feel so free at last after 10 months of suffering doing my Dip. Hopefully the last 2 exam results are ok though. :/ Wondering how its gonna be like when I take degree. I foresee myself having white hair. Lols. Sadly now am too broke to be going out and enjoying uh. Can't wait for pay day. 4 more days ! =) My main focus now it to loose weight but its easier said then done right. One rlly needs motivation to do so. I'm gonna do this not for anyone but myself and I'll take it one step at a time. Am gonna go swimming tmrw to do laps.