Tuesday, 19 January 2016

First post of 2016 ?

My last post was omg in Aug 2015, 5 months ?!?!?! LOL. So much for opening up  a blog you might say.But I guess its the only place I can come to when I have no one to turn to and I them out in here. Its a pretty much private cos no one except me knows I've this blog. Been feeling so much frustration cos of some of my friends. You want something you text, if not you dont bother. Like WTF, since ya'all too busy, I've got no time to spare for you either.Not gonna be the only one making effort. I've decided to not bother/worry about such 'friends' anymore. Its srsly not worth my fucking time, tio bo ?! On another hand, I'm also stressed like fuck. Cos of my trip in May. So how the hell do I save 3K in these what 4 months. Not evening earning 2K la. Lol I'm under-payed and still here. #stupid.