Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Found my blog !

Been searching for my old blog and tadaaaa !  Found it. So pathetic, I only have 3 posts ? Now that I found my blog I will try to update more often. Recently, I've been going to the gym at my workplace and its actually not that bad. Though at times I might need to wait for 15 mins for a run on the treadmill. And the best part is that its free and convenient ! About a month agao, I applied for a degree sponsorship at my workplace. The results would only be out in Dec and I'm pretty anxious to know, another 4 more months. :/

Work is not as stressful as how it was a month ago. Feeling so much better, however I think I'm falling sick. I don't want to, not now cos I wanna go to adventure cove on Sat. :( 
Lately I've started watching korean dramas again. "Mask" was a pretty interesting one. Would rate it bout a 9/10 ? And I wonder what I should watch next. Shall go do some googling 

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